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About Us


Welcome to NepBay. We are glad that you are here, looking to know more about NepBay. Why it exists? and How it can help you?

NepBay is a revolution with a mission to transform the way of doing business in Nepal. We have developed tools and technologies to help you START, RUN and GROW your business in the internet.

With 100s of Shops selling 25,000+ products in 700+ categories across Nepal. NepBay is truly an ultimate marketplace for Nepali businesses and entrepreneurs.

NepBay, started in 2007 as an online directory of products and shops in Kathmandu Valley, eventually transformed itself into an online mall and finally into the people's marketplace of Nepal.

When NepBay got started, Nepal's civil war was just ended with no business infrastructure in-place, and with extremely low penetration of internet. NepBay has built itself into an ecommerce powerhouse, and result of that now NepBay serves over 5000+ businesses and entrepreneurs in Nepal through it's eco-system of solutions and serviced catered through 5  different companies under the parent organization Thulo Group.

When NepBay introduced "Cash On Delivery" service in 2013, it was the first time customers in Nepal were able to place orders online and receive goods directly into their doorstep. Since then, NepBay is growing day by day into the ultimate marketplace by solving problems of doing business in Nepal; one after another.

Following the success of "Cash On Delivery" services that ran in other developing nations in Asia and Africa, NepBay's leadership just took the bold decision to introduce Cash On Delivery service in Nepal. The decision itself has now proven to be a trust-able medium of doing business over the internet in Nepal.. 

After the tremendous success of "Cash On Delivery" in year 2014 and 2015, Nepal saw an amazing uprising in ecommerce entrepreneurship which resulted in mushrooming of online shops and delivery service across the country. And even attracted few Foreign Direct Investments that has now become highly competitive with National ecommerce service providers.

For Buyers, NepBay helps to find products, services and shops offered by the sellers, no middle man.

For Sellers, NepBay provides world-class tools, technologies, platform and infrastructure to showcase and sell products and services globally. No Commission, No Sales Fees.

NepBay: the appropriate online shopping site in Nepal:

When you do online shopping in Nepal through NepBay, you are guaranteed about the nature of the items you're purchasing. Whether it is Online shopping for shoes or electronics, together with our verified images, we guarantee to deliver just fresh, unique items with the bill, and at costs that will make you screech with bliss! In case you're still reluctant about online payment system in Nepal, you could decide on the Cash-on-Delivery strategy, and acquire no additional charges. Imagine that you enjoyed a couple of bed sheets, pants and clothes on NepBay; the value, shading, everything was to your preferring, and you purchased it in a split of seconds!