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Black money cleaning chemicals suppliers, in Bangalore, Dubai and USA

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Black money cleaning chemicals suppliers - Welcome here today, we are Global Chemical Laboratory, in short form known in the black money markets as "GCL". The black money that you have stored and stocked in that house, consider it cleaned and white money. Because GCL will dissect your DFX banknotes, and provide you with the best black money cleaning chemicals that will clean every single piece of your DFX banknotes. GCL is currently the world's number-1 "black money cleaning chemicals suppliers" with massive supplies and shipments to Bangalore - INDIA, Dubai - UAE, and USA itself where our chemicals research, manufacturing, and processing unit is stationed. Our latest 2021 researched chemical, the "A21 solution chemical" has been able to clean up to 6.0T $USD, since the initial release and supplies in 2018.

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- Black money, If you have black money that you have received from anywhere, or in any form, of whatever amount, no matter how long you have been keeping, storing, or preserving the DFX banknotes from B-virus. Know today that you have meets the final solutions to your problem. Our SSD solution chemicals are researched with unique needs to clean black money and any other DFX banknotes.

- Cleaning chemicals, Black money cleaning chemicals researching, processing, and manufacturing is the back-bone we lean-on, to proudly say GCL is the #1 in the black money cleaning industry. We will provide you with the best DFX banknotes analysis (free-of-cost), to identify each consignment with its unique security coating dyed features, so as to determine for you the exact type of SSD solution chemical that will clean your DFX black money with the maximum effectiveness. Global Chemical Laboratory's latest 2021 researched chemical, the "A21 solution chemical" has been proven to have been able to clean up to 6.0T $USD of security coated DFX banknotes with various firming features and colors ranging from black, green, pink, red, stained, stamped, and white-negative notes, since the initial release and supplies of this powerful "A21 solution chemical" in 2018.

- Suppliers, GCL is leading in the Black money cleaning industry, with SSD solution chemicals supplies to over 220 countries worldwide. Up to 6.0 trillion $USD of security coated DFX banknotes cleaned from 2018.09.07 to 2021.10.28. Top importing countries where we ring as #1 DFX black money cleaning chemicals suppliers includes, but not limited to INDIA, OMAN, DUBAI, EGYPT, SRI LANKA, UK, and the U.S territories, which covers over 70% in GCL quality SSD solution chemicals supplies stocking and sales records. We have chemicals prescription for every types of security defaced currency notes, from USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, AED, INR, PKR, OMR, KWD, PHP, XAF, KSH, RANDS, plus many other local currencies.

Below is the GCL latest researched and manufactured A21 grades of quality "SSD solution chemical" product details and information, produced to effectively clean your security DFX banknotes, at a 99.99999% success rate.

Name: SSD solution chemical
Form: Liquid
Color: clear, sky-blue, green, dark-brown, red, unico
Smell: Odorless
Toxic percentage: 46%
Inflammable: Yes (at 80 degree heat)
Chemical Purity: 99.97%
Common element: NaCl, H2O, MgNgK 0.01%
Chemical reactions: -/+ 80
Boiling point: 1,100%
Grade: A21
Version: 2021vsn
Usage: For cleaning DFX security coated banknotes
Type: Organic / Automatic
Storage: Room temperature
Label : GCL
Model number: GCL-PD20211012092933
CAS no. : 67-63-00
Researched/Manufactured by: Global chemical laboratory

Price: $28,500 USD / LITER
DFX banknotes value: 10,000 pieces of $100 notes.
Total amount cleaned by 1L: $1,000,000 USD usable in any store, ATM, and banks.

NOTICE: We also offer our services for DFX banknotes cleaning on a percentage ratio sharing basis, most especially to those who do NOT have enough money to buy all the SSD solution chemicals quantity needed to clean all their DFX notes. Then we can work on percentage or commission basis, and do sharing after cleaning is completed.

DISCLAIMER: To work with GCL or its partners, associates, or authorized agent labs worldwide on a percentage ratio basis for any DFX black money cleaning, you must abide to the GCL standard operating protocol, to make this happen.



Contact: Dr Bernard Ekane
Inquiry Email:
Text/Call: +1 (404) 600 1896 / USA
Text/Call/WhatsApp: +63 (977) 622 9158 / WORLDWIDE




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Black money cleaning chemicals suppliers, in Bangalore, Dubai and USA
Black money cleaning chemicals...
Black money cleaning chemicals suppliers, in Bangalore, Duba...
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