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Chloroform Sleeping Spray

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Chloroform or trichloromethane is an organochlorochemical compound with the molecular formula CHCl3.

Often used as a solvent, chloroform is now mostly replaced by dichloromethane, which has similar properties but is less toxic. Chloroform was once used as an anesthetic in operating rooms and a meat preservative.

Chloroform is a very volatile liquid. However, chloroform vapors do not form explosive mixtures with air.

Chloroform is an excellent solvent for many organic materials such as fats, oils, resins, wax, etc. It is completely miscible with many organic solvents and dissolves iodine and sulfur.

Chloroform forms many azeotropic mixtures with other liquids such as acetone, ethanol, water and methanol.

-Chloroform in fiction

In several works of fiction, chloroform is often used by criminals to put their victims to sleep. Usage as described is not credible. First, because it takes a few minutes, not a few seconds, for chloroform to kick in, theoretically giving the attacked person time to struggle or call for help. Moreover, the effect is not permanent. The anesthetists using it had to renew the dose regularly to keep their patient unconscious.

Rumors of criminals putting their victims to sleep with chloroform hidden in a perfume bottle sprayed on their target have no more credit. Chloroform is far too volatile a gas to remain so concentrated in the air that someone faints.

-Technical information

Empirical formula CHCl3
Molar mass (M) 119.38 g / mol
Density (D) approx. 1.48
Boiling point (bp) 62 ° C
Melting point (mp) -63 ° C
Solubility 8.2 g / l (H2O, 20 ° C)
ADR 6.1 III • WGK 3
CAS No. [67-66-3]
EC no. 200-663-8 • UN No. 1888

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Chloroform Sleeping Spray
Chloroform Sleeping Spray
Chloroform Sleeping Spray
  • NPR 50.00

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