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꧁꧂+2347045851753)) #SECRET #OCCULT It's encourageable to see an individual trying to join us in pursuit of happiness and luxury, But you must also put things into consideration thereby knowing it's takes a fortune to achieve entrance into the Grand sacred Temple of NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD OCCULT. -------------- +2347045851753 ---------------- We believe everyone has the potential to become whatever they chooses but often times 70% of Humanity have failed in the race of life thereby not been able to achieve anything here on earth, maybe because of FEAR & ANXIETY. We don't force anyone to become a member here but of what benefit are you living a poor life, without hope for better opportunities, without hope of making your family proud, without making your children proud, without making yourself proud as an individual. The 7 Occult SECRETS will make you to understand that there are no rituals without danger and effects but at the same time anything that has danger and effect will definitely have Guidelines and caution, So when the guidelines and caution is given then you are now left with your school of thought which permits you to commemorate on the caution and Guidelines. -------------- +2347045851753 ----------------- Though the days of human rituals has been condemned and abolished but it's also known that ritual without sophisticated materials and mantles can never Pierce the heart of the spiritual world and it then becomes useless thereby causing harm and social disorder which might possibly ones Life. Here in Netanyah brotherhood occult we don't settle for less, every ritual items & mantles required for ritual is been purchased no matter how much it takes. So when you think about becoming a member of this Occult have it in mind that it takes a great sacrifice to Pierce the heart of the spiritual world in order for an individual to acquire spiritual wealth and luxury, Call now for enquiries +2347045851753. Many atimes has been defrauded in their pursuit for spiritual wealth thereby going back to the dust where they started from, why will an individual attempt joining Illuminati, Freemasons confraternity, odd-fellow. All this above mentioned confraternities they belong to different monopolies of Life which never grants you the ability to join unless you're rich and famous for them to get more glory. So anyone telling you to come join this above mentioned confraternities will only defraud you and make you toodle in darkness, and make you an object of mediocrity in the society. Before you can be accepted as a member here you must pass through spiritual confirmation to know if your DESTINY will match the secret heart of this occult because only those their destiny matches the secret heart of this occult can be accepted to become a member here. Membership into the sacred heart of this brotherhood is free but you're taking responsibility of every ritual items and mantles required for your initiation rituals, Call now for enquiries +2347045851753. A certified member of this brotherhood is not allowed to introduce a new member in order for the 7 OCCULT SECRETS of this brotherhood to be safe and not mentioned to a mediocre. That's why we're here online for your searching eg. #I_WANT_TO_JOIN_OCCULT_FOR_MINEY_RITUAL #HOW_TO_JOIN_OCCULT_FOR_MONEY_RITUAL I WANT TO JOIN OCCULT ILLUMINATI I WANT TO JOIN REAL OCCULT TO BE RICH WHERE TO JOIN OCCULT FOR MONEY RITUAL I WANT TO BE RICH I WANT TO BE FAMOUS +2347045851753 WE ARE NOW HERE FOR YOU, TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE ULTIMATE PART OF WEALTH POWER PROTECTION AND EVERYTHING LUXURY CAN BRING HERE ON EARTH JOIN US TODAY TO GIVE YOUR LIFE A MEANING. CONTACT SPIRITUAL GRANDMASTER FOR ENQUIRIES +2347045851753 WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD OCCULT SOCIETY WHERE TO ACHIEVE ALL YOUR DESIRE IN LIFE, JOIN US NOW AND BE FREE FROM POVERTY AND PAINS, WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE YOU FROM BAD TO GOOD ONCE YOU HAVE THE MIND TO DO WHAT IT TAKE TO MAKE WEALTH AND FORTUNES CALL +2347045851753 NOW! Do you want to be a member of NETANYAH as a brotherhood that will make you rich and famous in the world and have POWER to control people in the high place in the worldwide .Are you a business man or woman,artist, political, musician, student, do you want to be rich, famous, powerful in life, join the Illuminati brotherhood cult today and get instant rich sum of 250 million naira in a week, and a free home. If you are interested of joining us in the great brotherhood of NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD Occult temple CALL NOW FOR ENQUIRIES +2347045851753 +2347045851753 HAVE YOU YOU BEEN SEEKING FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO JOIN A SACRED BROTHERHOOD OCCULT FOR MONEY RITUAL IN NIGERIA? This is your time to make a positive change in your life, in as much as you have the bravery and courage to withstand the difficult parts of this brotherhood. +2347045851753 Every member of this Society is entitled to all the Secret knowledge of Spiritual wealth and power, money is assured, power is assured, fame is assured if you want it, protection is also assured. But have it in mind that becoming a member of this occult you're to perform a great sacrifice to please the Lord Spiritual and all your heart desires will be granted. Call now for enquiries +2347045851753 +2347045851753 OFTEN MANY HAS VENTURED INTO SPIRITUAL MEANS OF ACQUIRING LUXURY BUT ONLY FEW GET TO THE PEAK WHEN IT COMES TO SPIRITUAL WEALTH & LUXURY NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE SPIRITUALLY INFECTED OR UNWORHTY BUT IT'S ON CLEARER VIEW TO THE HUMAN WORLD NOW TO ACTUALLY KNOW THAT IT TAKES A GREAT SACRIFICE AND OFFERING TO PIERCE THE HEART OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD IN ORDER TO MAKE A RFEQUEST NOT JUST TO MAKE A REQUEST BUT TO GET ANSWERS AND POSITIVE POSITIVE RESPONSE FOR THE SPIRITUAL GUARDIANS OF AGE. WE THE INITIATE MEMBERS OF NETANYAH SECRET BROTHERHOOD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GAIN A SPIRITUAL CLOSE GUARDED SECRET OF ACQUIRING WEALTH POWER &PROTECTION FOR THE GUARDIANS OF AGE THROUGH THE ORDERS OF THE TEMPLE GRANDMASTER AND OTHER SPIRITUAL LEADERS OF THE GRAND LODGE TEMPLE. WE KNOW VERY WELL THAT EVERYONE THINKS THEY HAVE ALL IT TAKES TO BE RICH AND FAMOUS NOT MINDING THE FACT THAT ONLY FEW HAS THE ABILITY AND GRACE TO BE WEALTHY, BECAUSE IF MAKING WEALTH WAS THAT EASY EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WEALTHY BY NOW. MAKING ENQUIRIES TO JOIN US HERE MIGHT BE OPEN FOR EVERYONE BUT NOT EVERYONE IS ACCEPTED AT THE END OF THE DAY. NETANYAH SECRET BROTHERHOOD IS NOT FOR THE RICH OR POOR BUT FOR THE DESTINED TO BE RICH IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM OR WHO YOU THINK YOU'RE, ONCE YOUR DESTINY MATCHES THE SPIRITUAL HEART OF THIS OCCULT YOU'RE CERTAIN TO BE ACCEPTED AND TRANSDFORMED FROM POOR TO RICH OR RICH TO RICHER & POWERFUL. ALL NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD OCCULT INITIATE MEMBERS ARE ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING THAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING NO MATTER HOW EXPENSIVE IT MIGHT BE CARS HOUSES LUXURIOUS LIFE BUT ONE THING YOU MUST PUT FIRST IS COURAGE AND BRAVERY BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE KEYS TO UNLOCK TO ONES FORTUNE, AND BEFORE ANY MAN/WOMAN CAN BE ACCEPTED HERE HE OR SHE IS EXPECTED TO HAVE MADE UP HIS OR HER MIND KNOWING THE TASK AHEAD, THOUGH WE DO NOT USE HUMAN BLOOD FOR SACRIFICE BUT DO NOT BE DECEIVED; WE USE ANIMAL BLOOD TO PLEASE THE LORD GUARDIANS OF AGE TO ACCEPT YOU AFTER WHICH YOU'LL BE ENDOWED WITH RICHES AND LUXURY BUT KNOW THAT THERE'S A GRAND PRIZE TO PAY WHICH IS YOU OFFERING YOUR SOUL TO THE LORD LUCIFER AT CERTAIN STAGE ........... NOTHING ELSE WILL BE REQUIRED UNTIL YOUR LAST SACRIFICIAL RITE AND MONEY WILL NOT BE YOUR PROBLEM AGAIN UNTIL YOU DIE. THERE 7 SACRED RULES GUIDING THIS SACRED OCCULT WHICH MAKES IT EASY AND THE BEST FRATERNITY TO BELONG, THIS RULES CAN ONLY BE DISCLOSED TO AN ALREADY INITIATED MEMBER, STRICT MEASURES ARE APPLIED IN TERMS OF KEEPING THE SECRETS OF THIS GREAT OCCULT WHICH INSTANT DEATH, SO IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T KEEP SHUT WHEN THE CLOSE GUARDED SECRETS ARE BEEN GIVING TO YOU DURING YOUR INITIATION RITUAL; DO YOURSELF GOOD BY STAYING AWAY OTHER THAN BRINGING CALAMITY UPON YOURSELF AND HOUSEHOLD. THE NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD OCCULT WAS FOUNDED IN INDIA BY AFRICAN BROTHERS WHO TOOK DECISION TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF NATURE IN OTHER FOR LIFE TO BE EASY IN THE EARLY DAYS OF ALLAQUATHAMIN, THERE BY MAKING THE HOME OF THE LORD NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD OCCULT TO BE IN AFRICA, WE HAVE OUR TEMPLES HERE IN AFRICA OF WHICH THE GRAND LODGE TEMPLE HQ IS SITUATED IN A HIDDEN LOCATION IN ASABA DELTA STATE NIGERIA. MANY INDIVIDUALS HAS TAKEN THE RISK OF ATTEMPTING #I_WANT_TO_JOIN_ILLUMINATI #I_WANT-TO-JOIN_THE_FREE_MASONS #I_WANT_TO_JOIN_ODD_FELLOWS AND MANY OTHER SEARCH REQUESTS; THOUGH THERE'RE OTHER FRATERNITIES LIKE MENTIONED ABOVE BUT THE BAD NEWS IS YOU CAN NEVER BE LINKED TO ANY OF THIS OCCULTS BY ANYONE UNLESS THEY WANT TO GIVE YOU FALSE HOPES THEREBY EXTORTING FROM YOU. BECAUSE THE ILLUMINATI, FREE MASONS, ODD FELLOWS AND OTHERS WILL COME FOR YOU ONLY WHEN YOU'RE RICH AND FAMOUS, IN OTHER TO USE YOUR INFLUENCE TO GET TO MORE FAMOUS AND WEALTHY INDIVIDUALS AND SECONDLY THESE FRATERNITIES HAS THERE COUNTRIES AND CONTINENT WHERE THEY ACCEPT PEOPLE ...E.G EUROPE ASIAN NORTH-AMERICA E.T.C. AFRICA IS BELIEVED TO BE THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE CONTINENT THERE BY DISREGARDING WHATEVER CONCERNS AFRICA APART FROM EXTORTION AND ILLEGAL EXPORTATIONS OF MAMA AFRICAS MINERAL RESOURCES; THE NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD OCCULT OCCULT ACCEPTS ANYONE HENCE YOU'RE HUMAN AND YOUR DESTINY MATCHES THE SECRET HEART OF THIS BROTHERHOOD IN ADDITION YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE THE HEART TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BECOME ONE OF US NOT MINDING YOUR ANXIETY & FEARS. BECAUSE OF FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES WE,VE SEALED EVERY ONLINE ENQUIRIES THROUGH FALSE AGENTS OR FALSE CONTACTS PRETENDING TO BE COMING FROM THE NETANYAH BROTHERHOOD OCCULT TEMPLE MEDIA, FOR THIS REASON IT'S NOW ON THE DECISIONS OF THE TEMPLE GRANDMASTER TO ACCEPT, CONFIRM & CERTIFY ANY INTERESTED INDIVIDUAL WHO HAVE DECIDED TO JOIN THIS BROTHERHOOD UNDER THE SPIRITUAL GUARDIANS OF THE SPIRITUAL GRANDMASTER IF YOU'RE STILL OUT THERE THINKING ON #HOW #TO #JOIN #OCCULT #FOR #MONEY #RITUAL FOR WORK-PROMOTION BUSINESS-GROWTH JOB-PROMOTION FAME POWER WEALTH POLITICAL APPOINTMENT AND OTHER GOOD THINGS OF LIFE CONTACT TEMPLE GRANDMASTER TODAY FOR ENQUIRIES TO KNOW IF YOUR DESTINY WILL BE ACCEPTED HERE; CALL: +2347045851753


  • Location: 26 nachi avenue , Abuja Federal Capital Territor , Nigeria
  • Category: Books
  • Selling Since: 2nd March, 2022
  • NPR 20,000.00

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