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The New Realities By Peter F. Drucker

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Info :

The 'new realities' refer to the state of government, society and the economy in the USA, Japan, Western Europe, Russia and the Third World. This book attempts to define the concerns, issues and controversies which will become the realities of the future.

The 'new realities' of the title refer to the state of government, society and the economy in the USA, Japan, Western Europe, Russia and the Third World. With characteristic authority and clarity of style, Drucker attempts to define the concerns, issues and controversies of today which will become the realities of the future. Already the bestselling author of many books on management and economics, Drucker has innumerable followers. Now turning to address the changing demands of a post business society, the broad-ranging theme and vision of The New Realities will win him many more admirers.

Autor :

Born in Vienna in 1909, Peter F. Drucker was educated in Austria and England. From 1929 he was a newspaper correspondent abroad and an economist for an international bank in London. Since 1937 he has been in the United States, first as an economist for a group of British banks and insurance companies, and later as a management consultant to several of the country's largest companies, as well as leading companies abroad. Drucker has since had a distinguished career as a teacher, first as Professor of Politics and Philosophy at Bennington College, then for more than twenty years as Professor of Management at the Graduate Business School of New York University. Since 1971 he has been Clarke Professor of Social Science at Claremont Graduate School in California. In addition to his management books, Peter Drucker is also renowned for his prophetic books analysing politics, economics and society. These books span fifty years of modern history beginning with The End of Economic Man (1939) and including The Practice of Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Managing in the Next Society; Management Challenges in the 21st Century; The Effective Executive and The Essential Drucker.

Inhalt :

Preface; The political realities - The divide; No more salvation by society; The end of FDR's America; When the Russian Empire is gone; Now that arms are counterproductive; Government and political process - The limits of government; The new pluralisms; Beware charisma: the changing demands on political leadership; Economy, ecology and economics - Transnational economy: transnational ecology; The paradoxes of economic development; Economics at the crossroads; The knowledge society - The post-business society; The two countercultures; The information-based organization; Management as social function and liberal art; The shifting knowledge base; Conclusion - From analysis to perception: the new world view; Index


Provocative, wide-angle perspectives on contemporary sociopolitical and economic issues from a wise old head who has long since transcended his status as a management guru. Eschewing futurism. Drucker focuses on the present in hopes of setting an agenda for "the next century," which, he argues persuasively, began quietly at some point between 1965 and 1973. In the author's view, the fact that a watershed was reached and passed confirms the need to address and to comprehend the new age's still unfamiliar realities. Accepting his own challenge, Drucker seeks to define the concerns and controversies "that will be realities for years to come." In this ambitious context, he offers perceptive commentary on the implications of developments ranging from the imminent decolonization of Soviet Russia through the mobility of so-called knowledge workers, the transnational character of ecology as well as economics, and recognition of institutional limits. Among the principal obstacles to a genuine understanding of a shrinking world's altered circumstances, Drucker contends, are the very successes of the past - e.g., the welfare and fiscal states. In like vein, he warns that yesteryear's shopworn commitments and slogans (which still dominate public discourse) tend to restrict the global village's vision and impede its forward progress. As one consequence, the author concludes, an important responsibility of government will be to set the standards for the powerful and autonomous institutions on which a pluralist society's well-being depends; in his opinion, government should also curb the potential of small minorities (whether NRA members in the US or rice growers in Japan) for tyranny. Judgment calls and analyses that are (for a welcome change) trenchant, not trendy. (Kirkus Reviews)


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The New Realities By Peter F. Drucker
The New Realities By Peter F....
The New Realities By Peter F. Drucker
  • NPR 729.00

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